Whole Picture Parenting

A holistic approach to children's emotional and behavioural challenges


Parent Education: 

Nicki Pittorino presents a 'whole picture' overview of what may be triggering children's challenging behaviours; and how parents can respond in a way that reduces these difficulties and creates a deeper connection with their child.

Suitable for Child Care Centres, Preschools & Primary Schools.

50 minute presentation, 20 minutes question time.



Meltdowns & Challenging Behaviour:

Decoding what your child’s feelings and behaviour

may be telling you about their needs

Do you wish you could be confident about how to respond to your child’s meltdowns and difficult behaviours? Common parenting strategies leave parents in an emotional tug-of-war with their child, trying to make them stop their meltdowns or undesirable behaviour.

Challenging feelings and behaviours don’t need to be stopped; they need to be understood! Once you know how to decode the messages in your child’s behaviour, you can become an ally to your child, partnering with them to meet their needs, resolving meltdowns and other challenges and creating a deeper connection with your child.

Take a fresh look at your child’s challenging moments and what these might be telling you about their needs. Parent Coach Nicki Pittorino will shed light on how psychological, physiological, nutritional and environmental needs play a part in children’s behaviour, giving you the knowledge and confidence to create a healthy, peaceful and connected family.


Feedback from Parents:
“Thanks for the great talk. Yes I definitely feel motivated to make changes and try new techniques. Knowledge is power 🙂
“I learned about the reasons behind my child’s emotions and about the importance of sleep, food etc and how they affect behaviour”
“I learned about nutritional needs and sleep needs for behaviour as well as about play and sensory needs. I’m inspired to make changes”
“Tonight was extremely helpful & I will be recommending to my friends – especially with children who are picky eaters!”
“I have learnt that I should validate my children's feelings rather than rush to distract them to solve the situation immediately. I also need to provide more options and variety of food.”
“I’m super inspired and feel less alone!”
“I learnt some new techniques that were great. It was perfect thanks 🙂
“Thank you. Very informative session. Great understanding more deeply the senses and behaviour”
“The talk was definitely inspiring to make changes.” 

Feedback from Educators:
“The presentation was really enjoyable, relevant and engaging”
“The explanation of needs, feelings and behaviours was great for the educators”
“I believe the presentation was beneficial for parents and educators… how to approach meltdowns, how to help children calm and process their feelings”
“Good examples of how parents can manage children’s challenging behaviour and how to identify the cause for children’s behaviour. Also useful tips for educators to manage and work with children’s behaviour.”

For more information or to book a talk, please contact nicki@wholepictureparenting.com.au.