Whole Picture Parenting 

A holistic approach to children's emotional and behavioural challenges


Client Stories / Testimonials


I was referred to Nicki by a friend at a time I really needed direction and support with my 5-year-old son. He was having constant meltdowns and I was so confused as to which direction I needed to take. He had been prescribed ADHD medication but I was hoping there might be other things I could try before going down that road.

The first time I spoke on the phone with Nicki I felt instantly understood - I felt so relieved to hear there were other families out there going through similar challenges, and I felt I was chatting with a parent that had seen it all AND come through the other side!

There is so much help out there! I am so grateful to have been given options and contacts that I wouldn’t have dreamed of finding on my own. We are on our healing journey, I am now armed with an amazing support team, knowledge, a sense of control in my life, and a much happier little person in my loving care…

Nicki still follows up with support and I am eternally grateful for this.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.         

-    Cheynie


“I am a mother of three, two boys and a girl. I seemed to be able to support the boys, help them and point them in a “good” direction but things were extremely difficult with my daughter. She was highly oppositional, especially with me. There would be huge meltdowns about anything and everything all day long, in any situation, in any place. Add to that OCD and not being able to focus, which made school and academics very complicated. She would also have nightmares, so nights were not peaceful either. What seemed to be easy, fun or even relaxing for others just felt like a nightmare for us

I felt despair: I had knocked on the doors of so many professionals and left these appointments feeling even more miserable than when I had entered them. I felt that we were not being heard and the level of challenges we were going through were not understood. I doubted everything and felt extremely lonely. Seeing my daughter unwell, I felt exhausted and doubted my judgment as a mother. The atmosphere at home was extremely tense. It was like we were all suffocating. I was very worried about the future too: what kind of situation would my daughter create for herself as she grew older? How bad would our relationship become? How would the boys cope with it all? How would our family survive this?